Our Location:

Directions to our Wedding Venue

*From Frederick, MD. :
-Take US-15 North.
-To MD-26 E/ Liberty Rd towards MD-194/ Libertytown/ Walkersville.
-Turn slight right onto Liberty Rd/ MD-26 East.
-Our Location will be the RIGHT !! ( You will see the bright yellow sign )

*From Waynesboro, PA. :
-Take US-15 South to Monocacy Blvd.
-Go to stop light and make left onto MD-26 E.
-Turn slight right onto Liberty Rd/ MD-26 East.
-Our Location will be the RIGHT !! ( You will see the bright yellow sign )

*From Chantilly , VA. :
-Take US-15 North to Frederick MD.
-To MD-26 E/ Liberty Rd towards MD-194/ Libertytown/ Walkersville.
-Turn slight right onto Liberty Rd/ MD-26 East.
-Our Location will be the RIGHT !! ( You will see the bright yellow sign )

*From Baltimore ,MD :
-Take 70 west until you see the New Market / Libertytown exit.
-At the end of the exit go right.
-Go approximately 8 miles until you stop at the traffic light in Libertytown.
-Then go 2 miles and Our Location will be the LEFT !!
( You will see the bright yellow sign )

Printable Direction Cards (right click, open new window)


Our Address

Address Info:
11101 Liberty Road, Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: +1 301 898 9700


Rental Rates :

Rental Rates:

2015-2016 Rental Rates:
Saturday :$3500.00
Friday & Sunday : $3000.00

2017 Rental Rates:
Saturday :$4000.00
Friday & Sunday : $3500.00

25% Deposit is due at contract signing & the remaining is due 30 days prior to your Wedding Date.

( Service Fees and Taxes are included )

What is Included with Every Rental :

- Access to the venue on your wedding day from : 8:30am-10:30pm
- A Shade Trees staff member on site the day of your wedding.
- Chairs & Tables for up to 200 guests- We can hold up to 350
- 4 Indoor Restrooms for guests
- Indoor Bridal Suite with Private Bathroom
- BRAND NEW Groom’s Suite
- Catering Prep Area
- The Freedom to choose your own vendors
- Ample Parking for you and your guests
- Friendly Staff that you may call during your planning process

Military Discount & Deployment Understanding

Shade Trees will give a 35% discount to all ACTIVE DUTY MEN & WOMEN of our armed services**!!!

At contract signing please inform the staff member that you are active duty and your discount will be applied immediately.

You will need to provide use with proof that you are active duty by showing us your current Military I.D. card ( CAC card )* to receive your discount and the discount is only valid if the Bride or Groom are the service members.

**Our military discount is ONLY for members of the Armed Services ( Army , Navy , Marine Corp. , Air Force , Coast Guard ) Commissioned Corp members are excluded and are NOT eligible for this discount. This discount does not apply to veterans, reservist or contractors of the military, and must be either the bride or the groom. You will have to be ACTIVE DUTY at the time of your contract signing and a current CAC card must be presented at the time of signing to receive the discount. However the Active Duty member does not have to be present to sign the contract or to receive the discount as long as the signing party has a copy of their CAC card or their LES.

*Shade Trees & Evergreens also reserves the right to ask for a copy of your LES as well to receive your discount.


Congratulations to all of our Service men & women that have chosen our venue!


Here at Shade Trees we do understand that Deployments are a possibility and a concern for our military couples.

So if you are currently booked or are thinking about booking please know that if you do get deployed and are in need for your date to be changed we will work with you to select a new date that works for you and your fiancé’. All we will need is a letter from your command stating that you will be deployed over you the date you have already selected. The date change fee will be waived and no additional money will be requested as long as your new day is the same day of the week as your original date. If you would like to upgrade your new day to a Saturday you will only owe an additional $500.00 to upgrade.

Time Management Services

Please note :This service/rate is for the entire day and must be purchased no later then 7 days prior to your event.

Rain Plan :

We understand that no bride wants it to rain on their wedding day but sometimes it does happen.

If it does happen to rain on the day of your event please rest assure that we will assist in helping you to make sure that your DREAM wedding is still achieved. We have two different rain plans that we can execute:

1. If you have under a 100 guests we will set up a ceremony area for you in the last section of the Greenhouse and have you and the groom get married facing the pond.
2. If you have more then 100 we will have your guest remain at their tables and have you get married on the dance floor.

As for any decorations that were intended for the arbor you may hang on the beams above where the ceremony will take place.

Our Greenhouse also has clear panel sides for inclement weather. You have until 12pm on the day of your event to decide if you would like them up or down. There is no additional cost for using the sides or for installing them .

Sizes and Dimensions

The Tables Dimensions are:

25 – 5 foot round tables; requires a 120″ table linen (guest tables)-Seats 8 people
7 – 6 foot rectangle tables; requires 90×132′ linen (ex: Disc Jockey Table )
6 – 8 foot rectangle tables; requires 90×156′ linen
1 – 4 foot round tables; requires 108′ linen (ex:Sweet Heart Table,Cake Table,etc.)
1 – 3 foot round tables; requires 96′ linen (ex:Sweet Heart Table,Cake Table,etc.)
2 – 4 foot square tables; requires 72′x120′ linen
4 -standard cocktail tables

Miscellaneous Sizes & Dimensions:

Greenhouse/Reception Site: 60′ x 90′and it is 14 feet from ground to peaks and it is 8 feet from the ground and the lighted beams.
**If you would like to use Chair sashes on the ceremony or the reception chairs the suggested size are :
length:108″ / width:7.5″ ( Rectangle )**
Dance Floor: 20′ x 20′

Walkway/Aisle: 120′
Ceremony Seating: 51′ x 42′ ( hold 260 chairs )
Arbor: 16′ x 12′

Railing is 20′ long and 3′and 2″ tall. Between each railing bar it is 6′ and 9″

PLEASE NOTE : We now have only one style of chairs at Shade Trees & Evergreens. Please see picture below

. Thank you !!!

Sample Floor Plans for both Head Tables & Sweet Heart Tables :

( You may print these by RIGHT clicking and selecting “Print Image” or you may “Save Picture”)

Download a site layout

Prohibited Vendors :

-Lohr’s Family Catering ( BANNED )
-Heavenly Taste Catering
-Prime Choice Catering
-Renaissance Catering
-Savory Spoon Catering ( BANNED )
-KS Catering ( BANNED )
-Mission BBQ ( BANNED )

-Casablanca Floral Design
-Music Masters (Disc Jockey)
-Black Tie Entertainment (Disc Jockey)

These vendors are no longer approved to do events at Shade Trees & Evergreens Event Grounds. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Bug Control:

We at Shade Trees know that nothing is worse then bugs ruining your lovely event, so to control the bug problem we do spray every Wednesday before events.

However if you are still concerned about some of your guests you may put bug spray and other outdoor products in or restrooms for them to use. You may also use the citronella candle buckets to put on the corners of the reception area so that they detract bug from coming in the reception area.


-If you are working or providing a service for a wedding or and event at Shade Trees & Evergreens you may NOT consume any ALCOHOL!!! If you do you will be asked to leave the property IMMEDIATLEY !!!!

-All vendor visits are done by appointment ONLY and are limited to 30 mintues. If there is anything that you may need from Shade Trees Staff to help you in advance to your visit please call the office at : 301-898-9700 .

-Caterers must provide a proof of insurance & a Certificate of Liability listing Shade Trees & Evergreens as additionally insured to the venue by either fax: 301-898-9832 or email: prior to the event.

-Caterers must park in vendor parking at all times.

-Please review the Caterer Responsibilities in the contract section below.

-All vendor must do a walk through with a Shade Trees staff member before leaving an event.

Rental Companies Delivery & Pick-up Policy :

Shade Trees & Evergreens does have a few rules for the rental companies when delivering item to the venue . We ask that they be followed at all delivering and if you have any question please contact the office at: 301-898-9700 or speak with the Shade Trees staff member that is on site during the event. Failure to follow with below rules could result in lose of the couples Security Deposit.

1. All deliveries must be called into the office a week before so that we know to expect your company.
2. All deliveries must be delivered no later the 10 am the day of an event.
3. All items must be picked up by 8am the following morning after the event.( If your company would like to pick up items the night of an event you must be picked up and done by: 10:30pm. Unless the couple has extended to 11:30pm)
4. NO items may be placed on the grass. ( NO exceptions )

Please Note : Shade Trees is not responsible for any rental property brought onto the site. If the above rules are not followed it could result in your company being banned from the grounds and no longer allowed to provide services to our couples.

Delivery Address:

11101 Liberty Road
Frederick, MD 21701

Office phone #: 301-898-9700

Bar Policy:

Here at Shade Trees & Evergreens we understand that you may wish to have alcohol at your event and that is most certainly allowed.

We do however have the following rules and guidelines that must be followed. Failure to follow the below rules could result in the closing of your bar.

1.NO Cash Bar!!!
2.You may provide your own alcohol as long as you have a bartender or cater serve it during your event.
3.The bartender must remain in the bar as long as alcohol is being served.
4.The bartender CAN NOT under no circumstances drink alcohol during your event.
5.The bartender has to abide by all liquor / drinking laws. **** (NO one under 21 may drink or be served a beverage.)****
6. Bar must close 1 Hour before the event is over. ( 9:30pm standard rental / 10:30pm extended rental)
7. MUST not sit coolers on grass and ice/drinks CAN NOT be thrown in the grass. (There are dump buckets located in the kitchen & bar for that purpose.)
8. Before the bartender leaves he must locate the Shade Trees staff member and have them do a walkthrough with them to insure the bar area is cleaned to venue standards.
9.Bartender must let all guests know drinks of any kind are not allowed on the dance floor.

Please note: You may have your ice and alcohol delivered to the venue the morning of. If you are interested in doing this we have a Liquor Store that we work with regularly and we highly recommend them:

Spirits of Liberty
Phone #: 301-898-5880
Address: 11339 Liberty Road, Frederick MD 21701

*** Spirits of Liberty will deliver your purchase to the venue the morning of your event.You may also purchase Ice from them as well. ***

Trash Removal Policy:

Shade Trees & Evergreens provides 4 trash cans for you and your vendors to use during your event.

We do require caters to follow these rules when concerning trash removal:

1. Caterers must provide their own trash bags to be placed in the can during your event.
2. Caterers must empty trash can in the catering patio area ONLY.
3. Caterers must take ALL trash at the end of the event or it will result in a $350.00 fee.

Handicap Assistance:

For any handicap guest we do offer golf cart service from the parking lot to the reception area and back at the end of the evening.

Once they arrive at the Reception area everything is Handicap Accessible. We also have a staff member at the event if any assistance is needed.

Smoking Policy :

We do allow smoking at Shade Trees & Evergreens but we do ask that the following rules are followed:

1. NO Smoking in the Reception area
2. NO Smoking in the Bridal Building ( This includes the porch as well)
3. NO smoking during the Ceremony
4. All Cigarette or Cigar butts must be discarded in the smoking receptacles

Thank you for your understanding and compliance!!!

Decoration Policy:

We want every bride to have her DREAM wedding and we understand that each bride has an image of what that day will look like. We want to allow you to create the one of a kind look for your wedding so we at Shade Trees have a very generous decoration policy.

We ask only for you to follow our few rules stated below:

1. You may decorate and hang items as long as they do not alter or damage Our Greenhouse structure or Our Arbor.
2. You must be able to remove and clean up all items and decorations by the end of your event. (10:30pm).
3. All candles must be sat on something. (Ex. on chargers, Hurricane, Jars, mirrors, etc.)
4. Reception Chairs are not allowed at the ceremony site, no exceptions.
5. No candles may be hung on the beams or the arbor if there is a risk of fire.
6. NOTHING may be placed in the GRASS !!

A few helpful hints:

-If you are hanging lanterns in the Greenhouse/ Reception area you will need at least 40 lanterns to make the area look full.
-When hanging items from the beams or arbor you may want to consider weighting them.
-Take note of how long it takes for the decorations to go up and make sure you plan for at least that much time to clean them up.( Clean-up normally take an 1 -1 1/2 hours)
-When using tall table arrangements please make sure they can with stand a cross breeze.

-You must provide your own ladder for decorating.

Items you may use for your recession that are approved:

1. Flowers (REAL)
2. Flower Petals(REAL)
3. Bird seed
4. Bubbles

**If you would like to use an item that is not listed above please contact the event staff and we will discuss whether it may be used or not!! Thank you in advance!! **

Items We Have for Our Bride’s to Borrow :

For convince of our brides we do have a few items that you may use during your event for decoration.

- We have:

1. 10-Silver Lanterns
2. 18- Wreaths
3. 17-Royal Purple Chargers
4. 10-Hanging Jars with Purple Rocks
5. 20-Square Mirrors
6. 10-Black Shepherd Hooks( NOT PICTURED )
7. 10-Hanging Jars ( if these are broken or taken the couple will be charged $20.00 each.) -(NOT PICTURED)
8. 1-Small Table ( Roughly 3 feet tall )
9. 2- Highchairs ( NOT PICTURED)
10. 1-Silver Easel
11. 1- Chalkboard Easel

If you are interested in using any of these items during your event please let our staff member know during your rehearsal. However please contact the venue 30days prior to make sure we still have the items you wish to use.

Unique ways to make your guests more comfortable at your wedding !!!

We know that your wedding is YOUR day but here are a few ideals of things that can make your day seem even more special and enjoyable for your guests.

1. Drink Station that guests can use before your ceremony to keep them hydrated.
2. Flip Flop Basket for them to grab a pair and kick off their shoes and comfortably dance the night way with you.
3. Blanket Station for your guests to use if the night is chilly.

**Please Note these are just ideals and are not required!! This is not provided by the venue and must be purchased and completed by the couple. **

Sparkler Policy:

If you would like to have sparklers for the end of your reception for your exit, you MUST have the following and abide by the rules below:

  1. -Approved permission from the venue.
  2. -Must bring buckets with sand in them so your guests can put the used sparkelers in the afterwards.
  3. You may NOT use them under the reception area or in the Bridal Building! They are allowed on the EXIT WALKWAY ONLY!

And PLEASE NOTE that if we find used sparklers in our grass you will lose your deposit, Thank you for your understanding.

Extending your Event Time :

If you would like to extend your time past 10:30pm you must send a request to one of the staff members of Shade Trees stating that you would like to extend to 11:30pm. Once the extension is approved you will have up to a week before your event to make the payment for your additional hour.

Extension Fee: $400.00

I am sorry but we only allow one time extension and we do not extend by the half hour.

Please Note: If you extend the additional hour same rules apply with the 10:30pm end time. You will need to be cleaned up and leaving at 11:30pm. Thank you for your understanding.

Pet Policy:

If you would like to have your dog take part in your ceremony you may do so.

However the following rules do apply:

1. You must inform and get approval from the venue that you would like to include your dog.(We do have breeds that are restricted so please also inform the staff of your dogs breed as well.)
2. The dog must be leashed at all time during the ceremony.
3. After the ceremony is complete the animal must be removed from the property immediately.
4. The dog may not come inside the bridal building. Only service dog are permitted inside.
5. The dog must have all its current vaccinations and you must summit a copy to a member of the event staff before you may bring the dog onto the property.

All service dogs are permitted and are allowed to stay during the entire event.

**Please Note:

-All droppings must be cleaned up and removed from venue by the owner of the animal.
-If you dog displays any sign of aggression we will ask that the animal be removed immediately.

Sky Fire Lanterns are STRICTLY Prohibited at our venue !

Sky Fire Lanterns are not allowed at Shade Trees & Evergreens in any aspect. This is per the Fire Marshall’s request and confirmation that they are not allowed at all in Frederick County. Thank you for understanding.

Wedding Planner Policy:

Shade Trees & Evergreens wants all of our brides days to be the most magical day of their lives. So if the plan to achieve that includeds a Wedding Planner all we at the venue ask is that your planner meet with our staff and see the site as well as pick up the wedding planner rules od conduct before you contract them for your wedding.

1.) All appointments must be completed in 30 minutes.

Thank you

Table Top Fire Pits are NO Longer ALLOWED

We at Shade Trees are sorry to say but after many requests for Table Top Fire Pits and careful review by our Event Staff we have decided that they are unfortunately not going to be allowed as a decoration or light source at our venue.

The main reason for our decision is that our staff is concerned with the heat out put and the flame height and that they could pose as a huge safety concern and may cause injury to guest and staff.

This is effective immediately!! Thank you for you understanding.

Marriage License

-Please make sure you get your Marriage License in Frederick County at least 48 hours before your Wedding Day.

Any questions please feel free to contact the court house:
Frederick County Court House

100 West Patrick Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Phone #: 301-600-1976 / Toll Free #: 800-341-8797

Preview of Our Wedding Contracts:

Please take a moment to review our Contracts and Guidelines if you would like. If you have any questions at all our friendly staff will be more then happy to answer them.
Additional Contract Information:

1. The deposit due at contract signing is 25% with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

2. If you are interested in booking and have toured the venue once our staff is more then happy to email you a contract and you may make your contract deposit by phone if that would make the process more convenient.

3. The security Deposit is a separate check that is taken no later then 30 days prior to your wedding and in taken in check format and not cashed unless there are damages discovered. If there are damages we will notify you as soon as they are discovered and we will show all damages to the contract signers. Once you have been notified we will then and only then cash your security deposit. If there are no damages we will return your VOIDED check no later then 10 business days after your wedding.

4. Once you have signed your contract you may come back and tour the venue as many times as needed as long as you have made and appointment. You may also have your vendor come and tour the venue as well. However vendor appointments are limited to 30 minutes.

5. After contracts are signed you will appear on both our website calendar and our Facebook Calendar. So that you may share with your friends and family.

6. Ceremony Rehearsal date and time is set no later then 30 days prior to the date. Your scheduled date and time will appear on the bottom of your final bill. If you have any questions or concerns about the date you have received you may call: 301-898-9700. Please Note most Ceremony Rehearsals are done on Wednesday or Thursday and are done in hour increments.

Cancellation Policy:

Once Date is selected: Forfeit of Deposit
9 months or less to selected date: Full Balance is DUE

All cancellations must be in writing and given to the event coordinator before any refunds will be made and date cancelled.

All event date changed after contract signing will result in a $500.00 fee


Please Review OUR Venue :

If all of our past and current bride and grooms could please take a few moments to review us on wedding wire we would greatly appreciate it !!!

Either Scan the QR code below :

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Thank you SO very much !!

Nursery Hours:

7 Days a Week
Summer Months:
7am - 5pm
Winter Months:
7am - 4pm

Open Most Holidays


Shade Trees and Evergreens
11101 Liberty Road
Frederick, MD 21701

Phone Number: